Flagship Summer Workshop

26 June 2021

25 - 30 July 2021


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Conducting lesson in the Manoukian

26 June 2021

25 - 30 July 2021 

Conducting in the Royal Academy of Music
Watch, listen and learn
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John Farrer checking baton positioning

Flagship Summer Workshop

This is our flagship course, suitable for conductors wishing to gain experience working with orchestra, and to develop their individual conducting technique.



The online preparation day in June will cover score study and preparation of repertoire in the main workshop.

The main workshop will be a collection of practical sessions with professional musicians.


Online Preparation Day June 26

1400 BST: Elgar and Britten led by Howard Williams

1600 BST: Break

1700 BST: Beethoven and Brahms led by John Farrer

1900 BST: Questions and conclusion

Main Workshop

Jul 25: Participants will look at how technique can impact and affect musical interpretation

Jul 26: All repertoire covered with professional pianists, elaborating on the previous day's work

Jul 27: Elgar and Britten with the string section of the LCW Festival Orchestra

Jul 28: Britten, Beethoven and Brahms with the LCW Festival Orchestra

Jul 29: Full programme with the LCW Festival Orchestra

Jul 30: Participants will lead a rehearsal and conduct a public performance


ELGAR String Serenade

BRITTEN Frank Bridge Variations

BEETHOVEN Overture: Coriolan

BRAHMS Haydn Variations

Workshop Location

Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road, Marylebone, London, NW1 5HT

Concert Location

St. James's Piccadilly, 197 Piccadilly, St. James's, London, W1J 9LL 

Workshop Fee

£1, 595 (plus £40 application fee)

The workshop fee covers the following: 

  • all administration charges

  • tuition

  • certificate of participation


The fee does not cover travel to London, transport within London, accommodation or food and drink during the course. Participants must provide their own scores and batons. 

A normal day starts at 10.00am and will include at least 5 hours of tuition, followed by a brief feedback session.

The tutors for this course will be  Dr John Farrer and Professor Howard Williams.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Flagship Summer Workshop is Tuesday 22nd June.

Please note that this course will be delivered in a Covid Secure environment, details of which will be circulated to participants prior to the course.

Please note, you do NOT need to have participated in any previous courses to participate in this course